mg-select: Allowing Selections For Metrics Graphics Lines

I’ve built out an addon for the popular visualization library metrics-graphics a visualization library created @mozilla. Below is a snapshot of the current state of mg-select, an addon built to dynamically update charts. I’ll be working towards adding more features in the future, and am looking for collaborators that might be interested in working on it.

mg-select is an addon built for mozilla’s metrics graphics in order to allow users to dynamically select y_accessors for line charts. While working with on crash report projects, we wanted to be able to directly compare two of the potentially numerous y_accessors that we were graphing.



As long as mg-select’s javascript & css have been included, enable the addon with mg_select: true.

  // ...
  mg_select: true


mg-select requires the following libraries to be installed…

  • bootstrap-select the jquery / bootstrap plugin that powers the overlays
  • boostrap & jquery required by bootstrap-select


The addon currently requires the fields y_accessors & legend to have the same array of variables. This is an issue, because MG will initialize args.y_accessors to “multiline_…”. If there is any way to reference the old y_accessors I’ll update the addon to avoid the requirement addressed.

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