Disrupt You - My First Audible Book


I was extremely excited to start reading Jay Samit’s Disrupt You, after I purchased the book on my 22nd birthday. This was my first book on Audible and certainly not my last. I was first interested in the book, because of strong reviews that the book received on Amazon and Audible. However, I didn’t imagine that the book would be nearly as applicable to my life, as it was. After reading the book over the last 13 days, I am pleased to say that I can’t wait to reread this book later.

Disrupt You Cover

Overall Review

If you’re a potential reader, I strongly recommend at least taking a looking inside the book on. It’s free to do on both Amazon and Audible. Within the introduction, Jay presents many of the case studies that he will later discuss throughout the book. Jay also outline his personal journey from a “20 person startup to being a global officer of an international company with over 160,000 employees.” Jay also addresses his opportunities at Universal, EMI, and Sony, that later read extraordinarily well. Each case study mentioned in the book is unique and doesn’t serve to fluff the book with information.

However, this book isn’t just for those interested in entrepreneurship or business ventures. It’s about addresses how today’s greats have conquered problems and created massive opportunities. The process of disruption is “entering the fray” as Jay so eloquently says. If you’re interested in separating yourself from your peers and asking more from life, this book will serve as a great resource.

Jay does touch on rather technical subjects such as cloud computing, wearable technology, 3D-printing, and the internet of things, but in a manor that is accessible to people that might not be as nerdy as me. He has also organized this book in a manor such that this material falls toward the back. This has worked well to introduce topics like self-disruption, that can be applied by a very broad population, while the technological advances in production and computing may not interest the everyday reader.

Jay goes on to talk that about how these technologies disrupt industries that they are not even immediately connected to. He also talks about how they too can create new opportunity. I think while the average reader may not be interested in all of the topics, it is important to know about the changes in the future and how you can be part of the disruption.

Overall Recommendation

Disrupt You, while the first audio books that I have listened to, will likely hold the position of my favorite book for quite some time to come. “Disrupt You, is for anyone that is looking for a promotion a raise or more satisfaction in their lives”, Jay mentions at the end of the first chapter. I can strongly say that Jay’s book has strongly affected both my professional goals and personal goals for the future. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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